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2010-11 Club Champion Bruce Ferguson, runner-up James Curtis McDonald; Club Champion Hope Curtis-McDonald.
Photos: Shepparton News

Shepparton Lawn Tennis Club champions

Men's Champion Ladies Champion
2015-16 Tim James
Hope Curtis-McDonald
2014-15 Luke Dixon
Hope Curtis-McDonald
2013-14 Tim James Hope Curtis-McDonald
2012-13 Tim James Hope Curtis-McDonald
2011-12 Tim James Hope Curtis-McDonald
2010-11 Bruce Ferguson Hope Curtis-McDonald
2009-10 Jarrod Bingham Josie New
2008-09 Jarrod Bingham Josie New
2007-08 Tim James Kate Redfern
2006-07 Tim James Josie New
2005-06 Bruce Ferguson Josie New
2004-05 Tim James Josie New
2003-04 Bruce Ferguson Josie New
2002-03 Duane Hueston Josie New
2001-02 Duane Hueston Josie New
2000-01 Duane Hueston Josie New
1999-2000 Ron Walker Stephanie New
1998-99 Luke Dixon Josie New
1997-98 Michael Scandolera Stephanie New
1996-97 Luke Dixon Katie Hodgkin
1995-96 Matt Rogers Marsha Burns
1994-95 Matt Rogers Sarah Downie
1993-94 Tom Downie Sarah Downie
1992-93 Brian Marshall Sarah Downie
1991-92 John Starritt Tracy Cox
1990-91 Dean Fanning Tracy Cox
1989-90 John Mortimer Adele Ellis
1988-89 Brian Marshall Adele Ellis
1987-88 D Probst Michelle Jewell
1986-87 John Starritt Michelle Jewell
1985-86 D Probst D Elshaug
1984-85 John Starritt D Elshaug
1983-84 John Mortimer Michelle Jewell
1982-83 John Starritt Michelle Jewell
1981-82 John Starritt Michelle Jewell
1980-81 John Starritt C Crawford
1979-80 John Starritt Adele Ellis
1978-79 John Starritt Adele Ellis
1977-78 John Starritt Adele Ellis
1976-77 John Starritt Adele Ellis
1975-76 John Starritt Adele Ellis
1974-75 John Starritt Adele Ellis
1973-74 John Mortimer Adele Ellis
1972-73 Howard Ellis Adele Ellis
1971-72 Howard Ellis Adele Ellis
1970-71 John Starritt Mrs KJ Nethersole
1969-70 John Starritt Adele Ellis
1968-69 John Starritt Mrs KJ Nethersole
1967-68 John Starritt Mrs WH Harrington
1966-67 D Twitt Mrs KJ Nethersole
1965-66 D Twitt Mrs KJ Nethersole
1964-65 D Twitt Mrs KJ Nethersole
1963-64 D Twitt Mrs KJ Nethersole
1962-63 D Pitts Judy Twitt
1961-62 D Pitts Mrs KJ Nethersole
1960-61 K Thorn Judy Twitt
1959-60 K Tyquin Mrs KJ Nethersole
1958-59 P Poustie Judy Twitt
1957-58 D Guyatt Mrs KJ Nethersole
1956-57 K Tyquin Mrs KJ Nethersole
1955-56 K Pritchard Mrs KJ Nethersole
1954-55 K Tyquin Mrs D Chilcott
1953-44 HR Hutchins Mrs J Fordyce
1952-53 D Guyatt Mrs J Fordyce
1951-52 I Gillespie Mrs J Fordyce
1950-51 D Guyatt Mrs G Campbell
1949-50 F Brocklehurst Mrs J Fordyce
1948-49 H Jansen Mrs J Fordyce
1947-48 F Brocklehurst D Guyatt

10-time Club Champion Josie New
Photo: Shepparton News


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Wednesday 31st January 2018
Twilight Mixed Competition commences

Sunday 11th February 2018
JDS Junior Development Series Tournament

30th March - 2nd April 2018
94th Shepparton Easter Tournament

7th - 11th January 2019
Tennis Seniors Australia
Teams Carnival

13th - 18th January 2019
Tennis Seniors Australia
Individual Championships



Shepparton Lawn Tennis Club is one of Victoria's premier grass court tennis venues, with 22 grass courts, 4 floodlit hard courts, set in a spectacular location with a great range of playing opportunities.


Shepparton Lawn Tennis Association Inc.
196 Welsford St (
PO Box 212)
Shepparton, Victoria, Australia
03 5821 2843

President | Malcolm Thiel
Vice President | Dean Pritchett
Treasurer | Mick Bastian
Secretary | Katie Ferguson
0408 302 877